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Remodelations, closet design and carpentry in Florida.

We are a whole team of experts committed to make your home a living space that generates confidence and comfort throughout beautiful details and amazing finishes. We count with the personnel that will make your dreams come true! You will only have to focus on creating special memories with your family in an amaizing space.

If you are in South Florida, ask about our closet customization services, so we can make designs specially tailored for you.
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Learn about every detail of our experience in creating personalized spaces.

Our passion is to create unique spaces for each type of client, spaces that meet the greatest wishes and dreams of each user, making closet and custom furniture design our main differentiating tool from other companies.

We are dedicated to offering solutions to your space remodeling problems, striving to deliver top quality products and services, through a guided process adjusted to your requirements.
For the creation of any of our works, we use environmentally friendly materials: certified woods and, in many cases, we carry out the restoration of any furniture or material that is significant to you.

Whatever the case you want: a room that looks minimalist, a traditional garage, a large closet or any other service, we make it possible! We know very well that “the details make the difference”, and at PSG2 we love to carry that phrase as an emblem during the development of our projects.

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